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Comprehensive tobacco-free campus policies have been shown to reduce the use of tobacco and alternative tobacco products among college students. Use these resources to make a real change on your campus.

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PAT Education Curriculum

Where to start? We think our curriculum, officially called Tobacco Edu, is a great place.

Tobacco Edu is an interactive, web-based, self-paced curriculum for college students and aims to:

  1. Educate students about the negative impacts ENDS, cigarettes, alternative tobacco, and smokeless tobacco have on health
  2. Change social norms about tobacco product use
  3. Encourage students to refrain from ever using tobacco products


There are a variety of videos, animations, quizzes, and interactive games throughout the curriculum to engage students and test their knowledge.

Visit Tobacco-Edu.org

Texas College Tobacco Policy Database

The Texas College Tobacco Policy Database was created to serve as a resource for groups or individuals interested in tobacco-free campus policy implementation at Texas colleges and universities. Implementation of 100% tobacco-free campus policies can effectively decrease tobacco initiation among college and university student populations and increase smoking cessation rates. Universities and colleges in Texas can access their campus tobacco policies and cessation resources and compare them to other schools across the state using the database.


Visit www.txcollegetobaccopolicy.org

PAT Policy Recommendations

We have created a resource to help you with your efforts to improve your campus tobacco policy. This document has recommendations for things to include in order to strengthen your policy and is based on information we gathered while reviewing and rating campus tobacco policies for the over 200 colleges and universities in the state of Texas.

Seven Policy Recommendations

Download PAT Policy Recommendations

Tobacco Policy Guides
(PAT Policy Implementation Guide & MD Anderson Toolkit)

After you have assessed your current campus policy using the database, you may find the PAT Policy Implementation Guide and MD Anderson Tobacco-Free Policy Toolkit helpful in implementing a new policy, strengthening your existing policy, and/or addressing compliance on your campus.

PAT Policy Implementation Guide

MD Anderson Tobacco-Free Policy Toolkit


Policy Guide

MD Anderson Tobacco-Free Policy Toolkit


Bystander Intervention

Many of our schools report that, while they have a solid campus tobacco policy, there has been little done to enforce it. To assist our PAT schools, we have created a Bystander Intervention resource for you to use in your policy enforcement efforts.


Download our Bystander Intervention Guide

Peer Group Resources

This document listed out different resources to help you with your tobacco prevention efforts with different groups/populations on your campus and within your community.

The resources are broken up into different topics and groups (e.g., Environmental Impact, Racial/Ethnic Minorities, Tobacco Marketing, Athletes) and each consists of relevant information regarding college student tobacco use, data specific to the group or topic, ideas for activities or actions you can do/take on or around your campus, and potential groups you can connect with to further your efforts.

Peer Group Resources

Download Peer Group Resources

Tools To Help Your Schools

PAT Campus Scan and Hot Spot Training
Please review this training Powerpoint prior to conducting the campus scans.

Documents for download:

Please follow these links for the online Campus Scan and Hot Spot Survey tools.

Alternatively, you can download these paper versions of the Campus Scan or the Hot Spot Survey if you don't have wifi while walking around campus.

PAT Environmental Scan Training
Please review this training Powerpoint prior to conducting your environmental scans.

Document for download:


How to Send STARS Survey
This document contains instructions on how to submit your environmental scans.

STARS Environmental Scan Tool
This is the paper/pencil tool you should use when conducting each of your environmental scans. You can leave the Store ID and School ID sections in the STARS blank.


Environmental Scan (STARS) Pocket Guide
You may find this guide helpful when conducting your environmental scans.

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